Who We Are

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Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States, Zywave is a privately held company and the leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions for the insurance industry. Our products include web-enabled marketing communications, business intelligence and analytics, brokerage automation, and needs-assessment. More than 3,000 insurance brokerages, including 95 of the Top 100 U.S. insurance firms, use our proven solutions to help differentiate themselves from the competition, enhance client services, improve efficiencies and achieve organic growth.

As we move forward, we will continue to champion the ideas that have helped us, and our partners, find success. We invest in people—both our own amazing talent and the thousands we’re proud to call our partners. We invest in technology, pioneering new paths forward in the industry, just as we’ve been doing for decades. And we invest in the future—of our employees, our partners and our company— because riding the wave of innovation is the only place we feel at home.

The Zywave Story

We began in the 1990s with an idea — create technology to help brokerages differentiate from price-focused selling. Back then, we were just a handful of people operating out of a third-generation, full-service insurance brokerage. Thanks to some hard work and an eye on the future, we evolved from an insurance company offshoot into an industry-leading technology company.


Management Team

Joe Overlay
Joe Gibson

Executive Vice Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer

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Katie Overlay
Katie Conley

Senior Vice Managing Director,
Customer Success

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Adam Overlay
Adam Karl

Vice Managing Director,
Product Development

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Marlon Overlay
Marlon Davis

Vice Managing Director,
Product Management

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Over the years, we’ve remained true to the ideas that got us started, helping thousands of our partners stand above the competition. As the industry has changed, we’ve grown too—from a company that began with a single product and a singular vision, to a company that offers our partners world class thought leadership and a complete suite of technology products.

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