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Introducing the Industry's Most Expansive Content Library

As a commercial insurance broker, your time is precious. Finding and engaging with prospects can consume countless hours. Zywave's software solutions for commercial insurance brokers solve this challenge with innovative features that transform the way you manage, access and utilise content.

Smart Content Delivery: Account Executives spend 30+ hours a month just looking for the resources they need to do their jobs. The Broker Briefcase platform provides the most relevant content for your prospects and clients based on an account’s line of business, industry, location and number of employees.

Content Storage: Stop wasting time searching for the resources you need in multiple places. Turn Broker Briefcase in to your single source of truth and upload all the resources your team needs in one easy to search, easy to organise system.

Benefits of Broker Briefcase

Offer an Exceptional Customer Experience

Effortlessly service, educate and provide value to your clients by offering strategic guidance on topics such as compliance, risk management, safety, and more. Quickly answer your clients' questions and reinforce your status as an indispensable commercial advisor.

Streamline Communication & Build Your Brand

77% of insurance buyers want to hear from their broker at least once a month. With Broker Briefcase, you can instantly engage with your entire prospect and client base—all with the click of a button.

Empower Your Sales Team & Win More Business

Give your employees the tools they need to save time and complete their day-to-day responsibilities more efficiently. Keep account executives up-to-date on the latest best practices and market trends so they can win more meetings and new clients.

Features of Broker Briefcase

Unparalleled Content Library

With thousands of pieces of content, Broker Briefcase has all the resources you need to grow your business. Whether you're looking for information on risk management, HSE, compliance, cyber, HR, well-being or another topic, Broker Briefcase can help.

Automated Communication Engine

Save time and make retention easy by setting up automated email campaigns for one-off or year-round distribution via our built-in email marketing engine. Our powerful analytics dashboard makes it easy to measure and optimise the ROI of your marketing initiatives.

Built-in Prospecting, Renewal & Marketing Tools

Create custom prospect and renewal presentations in minutes with 3 simple steps using our Prospect Presentation Creator and Renewal Presentation Creator. Build your brand by leveraging our pre-made, customisable PowerPoints, videos, sell sheets and more to grow your business.

Customer Case Studies

Broker Briefcase has provided us with outstanding marketing and retention literature. With Zywave, we've been able to demonstrate our value in a very crowded market and strengthen our relationships with existing clients.

"Subscribing to Broker Briefcase has helped us compete against larger, national and corporate brokerages by being able to assist our clients with general risk management resources."

"With the additional documents provided to prospects and clients from Broker Briefcase, we have identified over £20K of business which we have won."


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