Insurance Content Distribution:
Accessing US Brokers

The Cost Effective Way of Getting Your Product to the US Insurance Market

Insurance Content Distribution: Accessing the US Market

If you want to enter the US market or grow your US business then our "Insurance Content Distribution" product is one of your most cost effective options:

  1. Reach the 3,500 US brokerages that regularly use Broker Briefcase - that’s over 110,000 individual broker users
  2. +74% of US broker users download content monthly
  3. 100 of the top 100 US brokerages are Zywave clients
  4. Save on time, flights, conferences, hotels and more
  5. Rapidly speeds up your market access
  6. Reduce your reliance on a single account manager getting all your news to a whole brokerage

Increase the Performance of Your Products

Insurance Content Distribution can put you directly in front of US brokers when they are searching for information on the markets you serve.

E.g. if you cover the Construction sector and add an article on a new product, improved cover or a “Guide to Site Safety” etc. then your article(s) is automatically pulled into the search results when brokers search for Construction. Read more

Need more distribution or just quicker access to the US insurance market?

If you are looking for more distribution or just quicker access to the American market then contact us:
We have a wide range of products that are already embedded in the US insurance market.

We’ll be happy to discuss the options and help you navigate the market.