Content Management System (CMS)

Streamline the way you store and manage your brokerage and third-party content

Control your content to drive results

Managing all the content you need to run your business can feel like an uphill battle. Trying to figure out who owns which content, whether it’s still accurate and up-to-date, and how and where it should be stored can lead to low utilisation and loss of efficiency, trying to locate or recreate existing resources.

But there’s a simpler way. With our software solution for commercial brokers, you can have the tools to organise and manage all of your brokerage, third-party, and Zywave content resources in one unified platform within Broker Briefcase. Organise, categorise and structure all your content in a meaningful and easily explorable way, and deliver personalised content to the right audience through the right channels. Uploading, accessing and distributing content has never been easier!

Content Management System (CMS)

Key Features

Content Integration

Keep your brokerage content organised by tailoring the way you access and interact with it:

  • Increase utilisation and improve consistency with a centralised location to manage your content
  • Store and save all your own content, as well as any third-party, sales enablement, insurer, FCA etc. resources, for rapid and easy retrieval
  • Spend less time searching for content with your content delivered smartly based on unique account data

Administrative Tools

Include any content in your existing processes with administrative controls and features to help you manage how and where your resources are used:

  • Bulk upload content with support for multiple file types
  • Use industry-specific tags to tag resources in bulk or individually to find the right content instantly, and ensure your team has quick access to most-used files by tagging them as a “favourite”
  • Control any content by hiding or suppressing resources that are not relevant for your team

Content Analytics

Receive insights with live data on all your brokerage content and client engagement to influence customer conversation:

  • Keep track of all your own content and content groups that are available in your brokerage’s Zywave platform with content inventory reports
  • Easily monitor which content has been shared with clients from the Zywave platform
  • Find out which content your customers are viewing and downloading to engage in meaningful client conversations


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Content Management System (CMS) Informational Sheet

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