Insurance Content Distribution:

A unique and cost-effective way to increase your distribution and performance by consistently getting your message to thousands of brokers.

A unique and cost-effective way to increase your distribution and performance by consistently getting your message to thousands of brokers.

Insurance Content Distribution

+3,500 brokerages across the UK and US use Zywave's Broker Briefcase. Broker Briefcase is Zywave's proprietary platform/knowledge base where brokers can access product news, risk appetite updates, market views, thought leadership, content they can easily share with their clients etc.

Partners can now add their own content to the Broker Briefcase knowledgebase via a user-friendly interface.

E.g. If you work in Fleet and add an article on a new product, improved cover, a "Guide to Safer Driving", Thought Leadership etc. then your article is automatically pulled into the search results when brokers search for Fleet.

Zywave's Insurance Content Distribution embeds your content into brokers’ daily workflow.

This puts you in front of brokers at the right time, such as when they search for information on the markets you cover.

Insurance Content Distribution UK

Reach +150 UK Brokerages

A new, unique and cost-effective way of getting your message to +150 brokerages across the UK. Read More.

Insurance Content Distribution US

Reach +3,500 American Brokerages

If you want to enter the US market or grow your US business then Zywave’s Insurance Content Distribution is one of your most cost-effective options.

When you're based in the UK or EU it’s easy to spend an enormous amount of time, money and effort trying to reach US brokers through conferences, face-to-face meetings etc.

Insurance Content Distribution gives you quick access to 3,500 US brokerages. Read more.

Why Use Zywave's
Insurance Content Distribution?

  1. Cost-effective growth - by giving you access to thousands of brokers it’s a lower cost way of growing your business
  2. Target market - you can target brokers in the region you want, i.e. UK, US or both
  3. Speed to market - it rapidly speeds up how quickly you get your content to the market
  4. Consistent penetration - press releases or one-off emails on product releases often disappear into the ether or the dark depths of an in-box. Adding your content to the knowledge base means it can be easily found whenever brokers are covering your market
  5. Increased reliability - it reduces your reliance on a handful of people when you’re trying to get your message through to whole brokerages
  6. Performance metrics - get stats on all your articles - these help to highlight popular themes and the types of content that brokers use most - read more
  7. User-friendly platform - it’s quick to get you set-up and it’s easy to manage your articles

You're probably creating a lot more relevant content than you realise.

What Kind of Content Can I Share?

You're best placed to know what’s relevant to your market, so share as much as you think is appropriate.
Besides you can always check your stats to see which themes are the most popular with brokers and adjust accordingly.

Cover the topics and messages you want e.g.:

  1. New products
  2. Product updates
  3. Changes to risk appetite
  4. Thought Leadership pieces
  5. Your views on regulatory changes
  6. Guides that can both reduce your risk and help brokers serve their clients, e.g. if you cover construction then you could share a "Guide to Site Safety"
  7. Short Videos
  8. Tutorials
Top Tip: Guides that brokers can share with their clients are particularly popular.

The built-in dashboard gives a useful summary of how well your content is performing.

Comprehensive Reporting and Performance Oversight

See how many times each individual article was:
  1. Listed in the search results
  2. Viewed
  3. Downloaded
  4. Emailed
  5. Shared
Reports can also be exported for additional analysis.

Bonus: With many platforms, or even just your website, it can be difficult to gauge how much brokers are using your content.

When you’re lacking that insight, the Insurance Content Distribution reporting can provide a helpful gauge to the content that could work well elsewhere in your sales and marketing.

Benefits for Brokers:

  1. Brokers use content from many sources and partners. Broker Briefcase lets brokers house all their content under one roof so they can quickly find the right information, at the right time. This means they can be far more efficient and effective
  2. Many brokers use the knowledge base to find guides they can share with (prospective) clients in order to help the broker win/retain business. E.g. Guide to Driving Safely
  3. Brokers get a range of useful information that helps them stay abreast of the industry, e.g. new products, updates, trends and Thought Leadership
  4. Brokers get one quick and convenient knowledgebase, so when they are looking for information on Fleet, Construction or Cyber, (ever popular searches) and you provide Cyber then your article is pulled into the results
Of course, if they search for data on Cyber Insurance and your articles are on Employers’ Liability Insurance then your article won’t appear - meaning brokers don’t need to wade through information that’s not relevant to them

Insurance Content Distribution FAQs:

  1. Can I edit the content after it’s gone live? Yes, not a problem, login, edit your content and put the new version live
  2. Can I import content? Yes
  3. Can I remove an article? Yes, you can just delist it so it’s no longer public but you can still see its performance / stats
  4. Can I see how much my content has been viewed? You get a full set of stats / reports
  5. What can I do if my content isn’t performing? Simple, just delist it so it doesn’t count towards your package and add new content
  6. How can I see what content is performing well elsewhere? Feel free to give us a call - we’ll be happy to confirm the latest trends


"Markel UK is committed to supporting the growth ambitions of our broker partners, and Zywave's latest product update will add an important new element to the business-focused services we already provide

As an innovative business always looking to improve our offering and access to brokers, Zywave's tool will be invaluable to Markel UK’s growth plans."

"Brokers would be mad not to use Broker Briefcase"

Looking to Increase Distribution?

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