Cyber OverVue

Effective data driven solutions to help you quickly evaluate the cyber risk of an organisation

Provide the Critical Cyber Insights Organisations Need

As cyber security threats and cyber attacks become more prevalent and severe, you can now leverage the power of data to deliver the cyber education and protection organisations need with Cyber OverVue.

Cyber OverVue


Identify Exposures

Help businesses understand their cyber risk, what areas are vulnerable to attack and what the impact could be on their organisation.

Determine Potential Frequency & Severity

Identify how likely an organisation is to experience a cyber event and how much the financial impact could be.

Determine the Right Coverages

Find out if a business has the appropriate cyber protection in place and pinpoint gaps in their coverage.

Cyber OverVue


Comprehensive Benchmarking

Guidance on the appropriate amount of insurance to purchase through limit adequacy analyses, as well as traditional benchmarking analyses that give insights on peer purchasing behaviour.

Simulated Values

An analysis of more than 70 different variables across more than 100,000+ cyber events to simulate the potential impact of cyber incidents.

Critical Insights

High-level insights on how a company’s historical loss experience compares to that of its peer group to help identify areas at risk.


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