Insurer & MGA Content Distribution

Leverage Zywave's new content distribution solution and enhance your relationship with key broker partners.

As a partner to retail brokers across the UK, remaining front of mind is key to your ongoing success. The last few years have brought fundamental changes to the ways in which you operate and deliver value to broker partners; With increased expectations around digital transformation across the sector, empowering brokers through a tech-enabled proposition has never been more important.

Empower brokers with instant digital access to your broker and policy holder facing resources, thought leadership content, and best sales and marketing collateral. As a retail broker partner, you can now leverage the content delivery and management capabilities that are in place with 3,500 brokers across the UK and the United States. This is an efficient solution to insert your broker-focused content directly into the workflow of your key partners and allows you to solidify and expand your distribution in the UK and/or United States. Stand out from your competition and grow your business.

Key Benefits

Get in front of your distribution partners with your thought leadership and product resources.

Maximise broker relationships

  • Break out of siloed relationships with brokers and easily enable Account Executives and frontline sellers with access to your most valuable sales and marketing resources
    • Maximise your broker network reach by connecting with a larger number of brokers and sellers via a single content distribution platform
      • Educate on risk appetite

Increase market share

  • Build brand awareness and increase share of wallet with key partner brokers by leveraging Zywave’s content delivery & content management capabilities for your broker-facing content
    • Support brokers in providing best-in-class value for their customers
      • Maximise your exposure through smart content search capability, surfacing your content to the right person, at the right time

Streamline and control content & broker engagement

  • Gain valuable insights on the effectiveness of your content with key broker partners
    • Access insights on top performing insurance content themes

Main Features

Content & brand exposure

  • Provide bundles of your proprietary content to brokers via Zywave’s content sharing solution
    • Differentiate yourself by serving up your content where sellers are spending their time & instantly expose multiple Zywave users to your content through a single platform

Optimised product access

  • Brokers can easily access your content via a dedicated search panel
    • Your resources are optimised via title search, description, text and industry tags to ensure maximum visibility when brokers search for related topics in the Broker Briefcase platform
      • Maintain and update your proprietary content to maximise broker usage and the messages you wish to communicate

Data insights

  • Access data on utilisation and performance of your content assets
    • Learn about top performing national content themes from Zywave’s content team
      • Leverage content insights to customise your approach, shape your content roadmap and increase value delivered to partners


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