Implement change that results in savings.

Decision Master® Warehouse helps you discover actionable solutions to lower your client’s health plan costs.

Elevate your ability to consult in the area that clients care most about.

Health plan premiums rise 6% on average, but plan increases can often be much higher than that. Controlling rising health plan costs for customers and prospects is a “top three” challenge every year for the benefits broker. 

Help your clients focus on the right changes

Benchmark your group’s Medical and Rx utilization and costs against one of the largest datasets in the country to pinpoint healthcare cost drivers. Zywave provides complimentary consulting to supplement your team in slicing and dicing the data to further answer questions about data and prescribe cost-saving plan design, disease management, wellness and communication solutions.

Deliver targeted, money-saving solutions

Reveal underlying or hidden cost drivers and help clients best address problem areas by drilling into data with our advanced analysis. Answer questions like: Who is going to the doctor? Are they using in-network or out-of-network? Who is using the ER most – employees or dependents? Why is utilization so high? How much are various diseases costing?

Take the fear out of data analysis

Gone are the days of spreadsheets. With DMW’s interactive dashboards you can quickly get to who, why, what, where and when to diagnose and resolve problem areas with ease. Our turnkey reports and prebuilt recommendation letter provide your clients with solutions without straining your time and resources.

Model potential plan design changes

Understand the potential value of plan design changes, both in impact to your client’s bottom line and the impact to claimants in order to help your clients make well-informed decisions.


“It’s been really amazing not only for onboarding new customers but onboarding prospecting, utilizing it for sales. It’s really an amazing product.

— Jennifer Reginelli, Insight Risk Management

Everything you need to grow your agency.

Decision Master Warehouse pairs perfectly with the following other products: Broker Briefcase® and Plan Advisor®.

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Decision Master Warehouse solves the complex problems you're facing.

  • Close more business
  • Make retention easy
  • Cut down on your servicing time
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Use data to win over new business. Show off your agency’s analytics capabilities to show prospects you have the tools to advise them on how to control rising plan costs.

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Establish your trusted advisor role by identifying your group’s top cost drivers by comparing your data against one of the largest normative sets in the country, Truven Health Analytics and the Kaiser Family Foundation, and following up with cost-saving recommendations.

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Turnkey reports, dashboards, and complimentary consulting sessions make analyzing data easier and saves time in creating client/prospect facing reports.

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Here are just some of the features that set Decision Master Warehouse apart.

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Utilization and cost benchmarking

Compare your group’s data against one of the largest normative sets in the country, Truven Health Analytics, and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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Cognos Adhoc reports

Gain access to specific details of problem areas in the drill down, Adhoc feature powered by IBM Cognos.

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Customizable reporting

Once the analysis is complete, Decision Master Warehouse allows you to create visually appealing reports so that clients easily understand the results of the analysis and actionable recommendations can be made. The reporting is digestible and they are branded to the agency so all value it tied to the broker.

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Consulting & Client Recommendation Letter

We offer you complimentary consulting sessions with our analysts to review the findings and reports. We also create a personalized recommendation letter that you can brand and present to your client. This allows you to be viewed as an expert and provide your clients with actionable recommendations for how to modify their plan designs and lower health care and health premium costs.

Medical and Rx utilization and cost benchmarking

Zywave Rx

Zywave Rx gives the broker and clients access to exclusive pricing arrangements with our PBM, including low dispensing fees, deep pharmacy discounts and rebates. Earn per-script commissions and benefit from deeply discounted Rx costs on their prescriptions. Brokers earn money on every prescription filled.

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Truven Catastrophic/ Disease Profiler

Help clients design and implement a disease management program. If the analysis shows that there are some specific problem areas, you can address those unique needs with the Disease Profiler tool.

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Plan Modeler

This allows your client to make educated decisions about the health plans they offer to employees by modeling alternative plan design options.