Need help answering your clients' HR questions?

HR Hotline gives your clients direct access to professional consultation and advice, all in one place.

The on-demand resource for clients' to get their HR-related questioned answered.

HR Hotline is accessed through MyWave Connection® and MyWave Elements™.

Serves as an extension to your clients' HR department

Most employers lack sufficient HR resources and sometimes need guidance on very specific questions. By offering them HR Hotline, you are making a team of HR professionals available to them to answer their questions with confidence.

Get trusted HR guidance

When your clients use HR Hotline, they will be communicating with HR professionals who can give them personalized advice and consultation. They can assist your clients with a variety of topics, including employee benefits, federal compliance, employee relations and much more.

Save yourself time

You’re an insurance expert, not necessarily an HR expert with resources at your fingertips. HR Hotline is a convenient, one-stop source for all your clients’ HR questions. HR Hotline gives clients access to the HR professionals.

Get help putting advice into action

After receiving individualized HR advice, your client will receive additional relevant content to help them implement solutions right away.


Everything you need to grow your agency.

MyWave Connect or MyWave Elements are required to pair with HR Hotline

Speak with a Specialist

HR Hotline solves the complex problems you're facing.

  • Differentiate and close more business
  • Make retention easy
  • Cut down on your servicing time

The employers in your market are accustomed to hearing pitches based on an agency’s people, service and insurance expertise. Go beyond those expectations to position the services you offer as an extension of your clients’ HR departments. Show prospects how you’ll solve their daily problems to turn them into clients.

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By not only being a trusted insurance advisor but by being a valued business partner as well, your clients will see you as an indespensible extension of their HR department.

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As an insurance expert, you may not necessarily keep up with state-specific HR topics and legislation. It takes time to find resources and research your clients’ specific questions. Give your clients’ access to our HR Hotline to self-service or give us a call yourself with your client’s questions.

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Here are just some of the features that set HR Hotline apart.

Call chat or email

Call, chat or email

Your client can connect with a real person via calling, emailing or live chatting

HR Professionals are answerting questions

HR professionals

People on the other end of the hotline are experts and are intimately familiar with everything HR. This means that your client can trust their answers.

Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation

HR professionals not only answer questions, they also provide supporting content and documentation to your client for deeper/additional service.

Flexible licensing

Flexible licensing

You can distribute the licenses for HR Hotline to any clients you want; you can also keep a seat for yourself so your can have access to the HR hotline too.

MyWave Connect, MyWave Elements or HR 360 are required to pair with