Be the human resource companion employers need.

HRconnection® is the benefits administration software that helps you protect your accounts and win new ones by providing year-round HR support.

Expand your role from trusted advisor to indispensable partner.

Employers expect insurance expertise and fantastic service from you as a baseline. More limited employers resources and the emergence of technology-based business has added HR support to the list of must-haves. Combine your expertise with our solutions to solve employers’ everyday business problems.

Solve your clients' business needs

From paperless W4 and I9 forms to online file storage and a year-round task manager, HRconnection’s virtual HR assistant creates a process for small companies that lack HR, and efficiencies for HR with too many manual processes.

Never miss an HR task for your client

The financial health of your clients and the physical health of their employees depends on your knowing about and processing new hires, terminations, changes and life events in a timely manner. Never miss a beat with daily digests and broker and client dashboards in HRconnection.

Streamline the enrollment experience

Offer guidance and minimize errors with HRconnection’s decision support tool and rules-based elections. Get election data to carriers via their own apps, mapped online by Zywave or via Excel templates, customized to meet the needs of your carriers.

Make employee communication a breeze

HRconnection not only offers a centralized location that employees can use for self-service, but it is completely customizable to reflect the employer’s culture and brand to keep employees coming back.


Everything you need to grow your agency.

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Benefits administration software that solves the complex problems you're facing.

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Arm your producers to take their conversations with prospective clients to the next level. They absolutely can handle the employers’ insurance needs, but, with HRconnection, can take the conversation to the next level by demonstrating an understanding of an employer’s everyday business problems. From onboarding a new employee to electronic receipt and acknowledgment of a new policy or performance review to the clutter, inefficiency, and risk of maintaining paper employee files, you can solve their problems.

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HRconnection becomes your clients’ central location for employee and dependent personal information, a backed up online employee file cabinet, virtual onboarding assistant, paperless enrollment center, employee communication platform and resource hub for policies, handbooks, and all things HR. With a site that is central to both employee and employer weekly workflows, you build a wall around your book of business.

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Let HRconnection’s Decision Support guide employees to make the best health coverage decisions for themselves and their families, in complete privacy and without hand-holding from you. Save yourself time in auditing elections by utilizing customizable rules throughout the election process. Give your eyes a break by ditching review of handwritten enrollment forms in favor of our paperless enrollment options. Help keep wellness and disease management topics front and center with set it and forget it communications from Broker Briefcase or customize communication to employees with your own materials.

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Here are just some of the features that set HRconnection apart.

Online Onboarding

Online onboarding

Employees complete forms online making the process painless and paperless. this includes W-4 and I-9 forms, new hire documentation, direct deposit forms, and more.

Automated HR task management

Automated HR task management

Employees are prompted to complete tasks online, making HR workflows effortless and electronic. This includes things like office equipment setup, policy acknowledgments and performance reviews.

Admin alerts and dashboards

Admin alerts and dashboards

Admins receive a digest summarizing activity, making reporting efficient and accurate. Admins see a real-time view of employee activity, they can track process for assigned tasks and have line of sight into enrollment progress.

Company wide communiation portal

Company-wide communication portal

An employer can house company info, policies and HR resources online. They can also provide employees with access to Amino’s health care transparency resources and track vacation and PTO. All of this is available online 24/7 to employees. Also available on mobile.

paperless enrollment

Paperless enrollment

This simplifies enrollment because everything is done online. HRconnection has preloaded plans and forms, customizable benefit items, auto-fill medical and dental forms and with an e-signature option.

plan desicion support

Plan decision support & simple selection experience

Help employees make informed decisions about their insurance plans. When they are ready to select their plan, we make it easy. Decision support includes an employee health questionnaire, plan comparison summary and personalized plan recommendations for the employee.

easy subimission process

Easy submission process

When it’s time to submit elections, there are auto-fill forms, an optional mouse e-signature, and we provide the ability to perform a Carrier Excel extract.

Unlimited sites and No PEPM pricing

Unlimited sites and no PEPM-pricing

We provide a cost-friendly scalable option for the agency, with copy-and-paste site builds. You can provide HRconnection to as many clients as you want, and the price to offer HRconnection to clients is consistent – we don’t increase the price if there are more employees at a company using it.

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