Looking to drive growth for your agency?

Intygral® equips every producer with a marketing assistant and sales assistant all in one.

Maximize the opportunity that already exists.

The average broker has more than 2,200 accounts in their existing database. Transfer your accounts into Intygral, and automatically send our unique communications to each audience segment. Producers come to work every day knowing their daily dashboard will show them the hottest leads.

Identify, nurture and convert leads

The average broker has thousands of accounts in their existing database including current business and lost leads. Transfer these accounts into Intygral and let the system automatically send out unique communications to each audience segment.

Focus on revenue-generating activities

Producers come to work everyday knowing their daily dashboard will show them the hottest leads/opps and organize activities so that they can maximize time and only focus on revenue-generating activities.

Identify your top marketing sources, including referrers

80% of brokers say that referrals are their top source for growth but very few actually track that this is accurate. With Intygral you can easily track referrals and convert them to new business. You can also identify your top referrers in order to nurture those relationships.

Monitor and measure sales activity

Empower agency owners and sales managers with business intelligence to help coach producers and make informed business decisions. Forecast accurately by gaining insight into your agency’s closing ratio, projected premium and closed business.


“Our numbers over the course of the past six months are up significantly.”

Kevin Berntsen, Vice President of Admiral Insurance

Everything you need to grow your agency.

Intygral pairs perfectly with the following product: Broker Briefcase® P&C Edition.

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Intygral solves the complex problems you're facing.

  • Identify, nurture and convert leads
  • Generate more revenue
  • Make more informed decisions
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On average, an agency adds 50+ new x-dates per year to their database and most agencies have no formal process to stay top of mind with past quotes. Intygral helps your put a process in place to keep that lost lead warm and reengage them with relevant content, to the right audience, at the right time.

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Producers are provided a dashboard of their hottest leads to keep revenue-generating activities top of mind. Intygral provides a systematic way to manage and follow up on your agency’s interactions with current and future customers.

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The Intygral reporting suite empowers agency owners and sales managers with business intelligence to help coach producers and make informed business decisions. For Producers, the reporting suite provides insight into top revenue-generating activities to help maximize growth opportunities and improve closing ratios.

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Here are just some of the features that set Intygral apart.

Opporunity tracking sales process management

Sales process management

Dashboard including your hottest leads. Task management which consists of system generated and customized activities to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Smart email marketing

Smart email marketing

Email engine that identifies the opportunities that exist in your current database and sends targeted messaging, at the right time, to each unique customer profile.

Email template library

Email template library

Intygral’s pre-built, customizable campaigns are informal and personalized communications to build and strengthen relationships. Also includes less transactional templates such as customizable holiday and birthday emails.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

Five separate reports that provide agency owners and producers with business intelligence.

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