MyWave Client Portal

Deliver 24/7 expert guidance to your clients

Nonstop service for all your clients

MyWave is a turnkey resource for employers and businesses to use for all their HR, risk management and compliance needs. Automatic, timely updates keep businesses informed of relevant hot topics and resources are available 24/7, when and where businesses need them most.


Save Time and Differentiate with Online Servicing

Put more time back in your day by providing your clients with a 24/7, online portal. By allowing your clients to self-serve, they can get the information they need around the clock. Differentiate and fend off competitors by sharing value-added content through MyWave that shows your clients what you provide for your premiums.

Ready-to-Use Portal

Get your clients up and running in no time. With MyWave, set up is easy and the online portal comes pre-populated with hundreds of business resources, so you can start providing value right away.

Share the Right Content Format for Your Clients

We understand not everyone consumes content in the same way. That’s why you can share with your clients through MyWave a wide range of different content formats—including videos, flyers, infographics, newsletters, in-depth toolkits and guides, and more—so you can best meet the unique needs of your audience.


Thousands of On-Demand Resources

Provide your clients with the thousands of pieces of content available through either Broker Briefcase or the Dynamic Content Library for risk management and safety consultants to support their unique business needs, including industry-specific safety manuals, forms, policies and more.

Clients Engage Through Portal Easily

Once the client signs in, they set their preferences on the types of content they want to receive/view and the frequency that they want to be communicated with. The system then automatically sends communications with relevant info to clients. Or you can post custom content or ad hoc Broker Briefcase or Dynamic Content Library content right onto the individual portal for clients to see.

Quick Access to Reporting Statistics

You can see which clients are engaging with the portal, including who’s logging in and what content they are viewing. This helps you make sure that clients are getting value from the portal, and gives you insight which can prove invaluable at point of renewal.


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