An exclusive pharmacy benefit discount program for you
and your clients.

ZywaveRx™ helps you identify superior savings
for your clients while increasing your revenue.

Provide the service, expertise
and savings your clients need.

With ZywaveRx, clients enjoy low dispensing fees, deep pharmacy discounts
and aggressive rebates, and producers get a $1 commission for every script filled.

Uncover hidden dollars
for your clients

Pharmacy costs can take up a high percentage of an employer’s medical spend. Through favorable pricing arrangements with our PBM partners — Express Scripts®, ProAct, Navitus, Optum and WellDyneRx — ZywaveRx can save your clients as much as 15 percent.

Provide superior
service and insight

Only 6 percent of brokers say they audit their PBM. ZywaveRx helps you fill the gap by unlocking annual contract audits and analysis for your clients. That gives you the power to demonstrate that prescription cost drivers are identifiable and savings are achievable.

Make negotiations and administration easy

TRICAST and FlexScripts handle pricing negotiations and program administration while providing industry-leading support and expertise for your clients’ pharmacy benefit.

Grow your bottom line
with producer incentives

Producers earn a $1 commission for every script filled, which adds an additional revenue stream and provides a valuable ROI that grows with your business.


“Our numbers over the course of the past six months are up significantly.”

Kevin Berntsen, Vice President of Admiral Insurance

Everything you need to grow your agency.

ZywaveRx pairs perfectly with the following product: DecisionMaster® Warehouse.

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ZywaveRx solves the problems you're facing.

  • Protect your book
  • Differentiate your services
  • Grow your business
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ZywaveRx helps you demonstrate to clients that you will turn over every stone to uncover savings. Increase client retention with yearly audits that yield actionable insight to manage overall healthcare costs.

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Differentiate from competitors by addressing a significant cost driver for clients and increase your broker value.

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Add a valuable tool to your arsenal to drive client growth, and add an additional revenue stream with a $1 per-script commission.

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Here are just some
of the features that
set ZywaveRx apart.

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Prenegotiated pricing

Our partnerships give clients access to the best rebates and discounts and keep dispensing fees low. Roll over existing participating PBM clients and make a positive bottom-line impact.

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Apples-to-apples comparison

Rx pricing proposals can be tough to navigate. Take the guessing out of your process by getting clear pricing comparisons from top PBMs.

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Producer incentives

You’ll earn $1 per script filled, making a positive impact on your bottom line and increasing the ROI for your Zywave tools.

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Contract auditing

Help your clients identify cost-drivers and achieve savings. Consultations and annual program audits make necessary changes clear.

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Hassle-free transition

Existing participating PBM clients can move from existing programs to ZywaveRx pricing with no additional paperwork.

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Valuable partnerships

TRICAST and FlexScripts provide industry-leading support and expertise and make pricing negotiations and program administration seamless for your clients.