3 Reasons to Jump-start Your Stagnant Prospecting Strategies Right Now

Prospecting for new business is hard. Surviving as a brokerage that relies only on cold calling and word-of-mouth marketing can feel like trying to race a Lamborghini on horseback—you are simply not equipped to compete. Successful brokers reject stagnancy and embrace more modern prospecting strategies, such as maintaining a regular business presence across social media, […]

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BIBA 2016: All About Uncertainty

BIBA 2016 was all about uncertainty. Brokers in every session were worried about the insurance industry’s uncertain future and the big challenges looming on the horizon. Legislative developments like Brexit and the Insurance Act could completely transform the regulatory environment. The ageing broker workforce and negative public perception threaten to exacerbate the current talent shortage. […]

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Zywave to attend Broker Expo 2015 on 12 November

Representatives from Zywave, a leading provider of software solutions for insurance brokers, will be in attendance at Broker Expo 2015. The event is a must-attend for insurance brokers looking for fresh ideas for nurturing existing business and for sourcing new market opportunities. Broker Expo 2015 will be held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Fay […]

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Weathering the Sea Change: Predicting the Future of Insurance

The insurance industry is in a state of flux—new technologies and revenue streams continue to pour in, disrupting traditional sales channels and threatening the ‘old way’ of doing business for both brokers and insurers. It is a full-fledged sea change, spurred by the widespread availability of more refined customer data, smarter digital technology and higher […]

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BIBA 2015: All About the Broker

BIBA 2015 was all about the broker. Despite being awash in a sea of freebies that had me sipping on piña coladas, charging my mobile with a new travel power pack, and scribbling notes on mountains of free stationary, an ominous and impending shift was palpable—the role of the broker is changing. Everyone, in every […]

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Bluefin renews successful partnership with Zywave for three more years

Powerhouse UK insurance broker Bluefin recently renewed its strategic partnership with insurance software pioneer Zywave for another three years. Buoyed by the rapid success of Zywave—which has grown to serve 100 UK brokers in less than two and a half years —Bluefin is poised to continue delivering important, timely and relevant content to their clients […]

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