Zywave launches new HSE Prosecutions Tool for partners

Monday, December 12, 2016
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Zywave’s HSE prosecutions Tool provides partners a compilation of the last five years of successful prosecutions against businesses in Great Britain for health and safety violations.

7th December 2016 — Zywave, a leading provider of software solutions for insurance brokers, announced the launch of Zywave’s HSE Prosecutions Tool today. The new tool is a comprehensive listing of all employers in Great Britain whose businesses have been prosecuted for health and safety violations during the last five years.

‘Gone are the days when brokers could simply sell a policy without offering valuable extra services such as risk management or health and safety guidance. Competition from the internet and price aggregator sites sounded the death knell for those strategies long ago,’ said Andy Hartman, market analyst at Zywave. ‘Many of our partners are looking for ways to identify their clients’ specific HSE offences so they can help remedy the problem and offer meaningful solutions. Our HSE Prosecutions Tool does not simply offer our partners an easy way to pinpoint which of their clients incurred an offence. It goes a step further and provides specific recommendations for which Broker Briefcase® resources the partner should use to help solve the problem that led to the prosecution. This is an incredibly powerful tool in terms of brokers being able to proactively deliver value to their clients.’

Zywave’s HSE Prosecutions Tool

Using data from Great Britain’s health and safety regulator, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the HSE Prosecutions Tool compiles the last five years of successful prosecutions against businesses in Great Britain for health and safety violations. Brokers can narrow down their search by a business’ country, region, industry and subindustry. Armed with the business’ name, address, total fine amount and a description of the offence, Zywave brokers can find relevant health and safety content from Broker Briefcase that speaks to the business’ previous health and safety failings, and reach out to initiate a meaningful conversation about risk management.

‘As the market changes, we continually look for new ways to support our partners and help them meet increasing client demands,’ said Dave O’Brien, Zywave’s CEO. ‘British brokers have told us they excel at relationship-driven sales but struggle with cold prospecting. We encourage them to use the specific offences listed in the tool to initiate conversations about the value of health and safety as well as highlight the importance of risk management. The HSE Prosecutions Tool, paired with Broker Briefcase content, enables brokers to address unique compliance pain points with a multitude of turnkey, HSE-specific resources.’

The HSE Prosecutions Tool is provided exclusively through Zywave, and available to partners with the Broker Briefcase United Kingdom edition.

To learn more about Zywave’s full suite of solutions for brokers, visit www.zywave.co.uk.

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