Drip marketing 101 to grow your business

Thursday, September 18, 2014
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How are you differentiating? What are you doing to justify your commission? With just minutes of set-up time, you could be sending targeted resources to every client and prospect in your book—all year long.

What is drip marketing?

It means sending valuable content to clients and prospects each month to help support their business, strengthen relationships and prove your expertise. High-growth brokerages take advantage of this technique to secure more business and solidify retention. For example, imagine a prospect who tells you no, but continues to receive relevant resources from you each month. How likely are they to reconsider in six months (especially if their current broker is not providing the same thing)? Similarly, current clients won’t want to leave if you are consistently providing value that supports their business needs.

Step 1: Segment your market

To be most effective, you want to send resources that speak specifically to industry issues or targeted pain points—not just generic information. To execute easily, segment your clients and prospects into distribution lists based on like qualities.

Distribution lists may be organised by industry, line of business, company size, pain point (safety, compliance, wellness, etc.) or any other relevant factor—and don’t hesitate to include a contact on more than one list. Going forward, when you gain a new client or prospect, add them to the appropriate distribution list straight away.

Step 2: Choose targeted content

Your objective is to consistently deliver resources that resonate with prospects and clients, at least one document per month to keep your name top of mind. Once you have distribution lists created, it’s easy to choose content relevant to an entire group to simplify your work.

The tools to execute

Most brokers think drip marketing is a great idea but fail at execution. With a marketing communications tool like Broker Briefcase, you can set up drip marketing campaigns for all your prospects and clients in minutes.

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