Enhancements to Broker Briefcase boosts marketing power and growth potential for brokers

Monday, June 17, 2013
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Email campaigns more impactful with marketing intelligence via flexible reporting

London, England – June 18, 2013

Insurance brokers today know the key to differentiating and growing their business is getting to the heart of their clients’ challenges, from health and safety education to risk management. Across the United Kingdom, brokerages are adopting a game-changing sales and marketing platform to deliver support on these topics and countless more, positioning themselves as a true business partner and becoming a trusted advisor to their clients and prospects.

Broker Briefcase contains hundreds of professional resources that a broker can deliver to prospects and clients to instantly add value to the relationship, and today Zywave announced exciting enhancements to the product, making marketing campaigns even more impactful and measurable.

Flexible new reporting arms Broker Briefcase users with valuable data about their email campaigns, to boost marketing effectiveness and ensure clients are finding value in the resources provided. “Reporting really increases the value of Broker Briefcase for brokerages,” said Zywave Regional Manager Abbie Michaelson. “Brokers can effortlessly track the content sent to a particular client for easy stewardship reporting at renewal time, plus can ensure they are compliant under the FCA’s TCF agenda. Arming our partners with the ability to gather reporting information on any document sent to a client or prospect through Broker Briefcase if the need arises is extraordinarily powerful.”

Broker Briefcase is all about bringing additional value to a broker’s clients, whether that means HSE educational materials, support for emerging risks like cyber liability, or comprehensive business continuity plans to protect the business and reduce premiums. Plus the platform is easy for brokers—industry-specific or role specific, professional content, branded to the brokerage, can be delivered via automatic email campaign throughout the year to keep the broker’s name top of mind.

Zywave is an industry-leading U.S.-based firm that expanded to the UK market in 2012. Brokers who use Zywave see proven business results, including a 4 per cent boost in retention and a 10 per cent better closing ratio. Backing their expertise with professional collateral and the power of consistent, value-added touches, they command their markets, drive referrals and build lasting exit barriers.

About Zywave

Zywave is the leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions for the insurance and financial services industries. More than 350,000 financial and insurance professionals, including 90 of the Top 100 U.S. insurance firms and dozens of the world’s largest financial institutions, use Zywave’s proven solutions to help them differentiate from the competition, enhance client services, improve efficiencies and achieve organic growth. We’ve recently expanded to bring our industry-leading solutions to the United Kingdom. To learn more, visit www.zywave.co.uk.


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