3 ways to move towards the close

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
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If your first prospect meeting went well, you were able to uncover some specific needs and pain points – now it’s time to address them. Staying in front of prospects with consistent communication from cold call to close is vital, but speaking directly to a prospect’s needs will set you apart. Follow these steps to present targeted solutions and prepare for that crucial second meeting.

1. Follow up with meaning

Sending a thank-you note after the first meeting may sound like a no-brainer, but are you making this contact meaningful? Your thank-you letter should:

  • Highlight the meeting’s findings and outline next steps.
  • Include a document that addresses a particular need you identified during the meeting – Broker Briefcase® services portfolios and snapshots are perfect to highlight your resources for a particular industry or topic.

2. Stay on the radar

To win business, keep your name in front of the prospect while continuing to demonstrate the concrete solutions you offer. A drip marketing campaign is an easy and effective way to regularly provide documents tailored to the prospect’s business. If you have Broker Briefcase, add the prospect to Account Management Center and choose a pre-built campaign or customise your own – just be sure it is relevant.

For instance, if your prospect is a construction firm with a high injury rate, create a campaign with industry-specific risk management and employee safety documents.

3. Prepare for the close

For your second meeting, you need a presentation that will leave no doubt in the prospect’s mind when you ask for their business. It should explain your service offerings and capabilities in depth, tailored to the prospect’s business and specific pain points. Whether you’re using a presentation, proposal or strategic plan, targeted resources will help you secure the business – but always take the time to customise these materials to your brokerage’s offerings and the prospect.

Step-by-step support

For more guidance on this topic, turn to the Broker’s Assistant in Broker Briefcase. This ool helps brokers navigate the sales cycle with easy-to-follow steps and suggested documents to win over prospects and strengthen client relationships. Find it on the lower right corner of the home page.


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