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Wednesday, July 27, 2022
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Creating & distributing quality content that your broker partners, policyholders and members want to read is hard work. Whether you’re helping employer groups understand coverage options, promoting workplace safety, or helping employers reduce the risk of claims, creating content requires a significant investment of time and resources. Without a robust distribution plan in place, you’re not getting the most out of the content your team is producing. 

If you’re ready to build the robust distribution plan that your content deserves, you need Insurer & MGA Content Distribution from Zywave. 

Insurer & MGA Content Distribution quickly connects your product and thought leadership content and resources with Zywave’s network of over 2,500 benefits and P&C agencies in the US and 160+ commercial brokerages in the UK, giving your content the amplification boost it deserves. In fact, over five million pieces of content were downloaded from Zywave’s content platforms last year, and now your content can be part of the mix.

With Insurer & MGA Content Distribution, your content is uploaded directly to Zywave’s Broker Briefcase, where you can decide who, where and how your content can be accessed. Insurer & MGA Content Distribution makes it easy to upload content, deliver it to the right brokers, and analyse its performance. 

Intuitive search functionality allows brokers looking for the topics you cover to easily surface your content in an instant, and you can understand how your content is being used thanks to a built-in reporting dashboard.

Here’s 4 more reasons why you’ll love having your content on Zywave’s Insurer & MGA Content Distribution:

  1. Brokers on Zywave’s platform have a high download rate, over 75% of broker users download content monthly.

  2. Brokers can find your content in an instant, with built-in search tools.

  3. Uploading and replacing content is fast, with just a few clicks.

  4. Robust reporting makes it easy to understand your content’s ROI.

This is the new and innovative platform your content can’t do without. 

Missed our recent webinar? Watch our Insurer & MGA Content Distribution Launch Webinar on demand to learn how you can accelerate your distribution and marketing strategy with Zywave’s new solution

To learn more about Insurer & MGA Content Distribution, and how it can help you promote your content, speak with a Zywave specialist today! 

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