Building your brokerage’s brand, one touch at a time

Friday, July 25, 2014
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When it comes to building your brokerage’s brand value, slow and steady wins the race. The following easy-to-execute tips are designed to help you build a brand that stays in the mind of your prospects to grow your bottom line.

Impressions count
Every piece of communication you send to a prospect or client creates an impression. That impression, if reinforced consistently over time, builds a certain image in the mind of your clients and prospects. If you are continuously communicating with integrated messaging, you are building a brand.

With sales cycles getting longer, it takes a number of touches sustained over a number of months to nurture a prospect into a client. Each touch is meaningful only if it delivers value such as a topical newsletter, current legislative information, or risk management resources, etc.

To build a brand that stays in the mind of your prospects:

  • Send an email communicating something that helps solve a prospect’s business “problem” to pique their interest — a regulatory update, safety or risk tip, or newsletter offers immediate value.
  • Make sure your brokerage brand appears on all documents and information being sent to your clients and prospects.
  • Regularly communicate using your brokerage branded materials so you are providing current and timely information. Set up a regular email campaign to touch clients with relevant, timely and consistent information.
  • Follow-up with calls to clients and prospects to make sure they are engaged and benefiting from the information.

Building your brand value will take time and consistency, but the payoff is creating long-term clients that will grow your brokerage’s bottom line.

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