Changing the conversation to differentiate your brokerage

Monday, October 7, 2013
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Massive flooding. Data breaches. Workplace accidents. As an insurance broker, how are you helping clients mitigate environmental, safety and cyber liabilities that pose huge risks to their businesses? If you said insurance cover, that’s only part of the equation – and more importantly, it’s no different from what every other brokerage is offering.

Changing the conversation

“Today’s leading brokerages are providing a total business solution to their clients – not just placing cover,” said Abbie Michaelson, UK Regional Sales Manager for Zywave. “It’s all about educating on the risks and liabilities specific to a company, and offering solutions that complement the cover, such as safety programmes, risk management, workplace policies, etc.”

With Zywave’s Broker Briefcase, you have thousands of resources at your fingertips to educate and support clients, and deliver communications for the employees as well. From HSE compliance information to safety newsletters to our Return to Work programme, Broker Briefcase has all the resources you need to proactively service clients and position yourself as a trusted business advisor.

“It’s really about enhancing your story as a brokerage, both in terms of how you service your clients and how you present yourself to prospects,” said Michaelson. “Every brokerage will say they have the best people and exceptional service. Having Broker Briefcase gives you that edge to deliver an added layer of service and support to your clients.”

Focusing on growth

Once you have that enhanced brokerage story, it also ups your game from a prospecting point of view. “Many of the brokerage owners I talk to are looking for ways to grow, but acknowledge their brokers aren’t focused on prospecting,” said Michaelson. “The capabilities of Broker Briefcase make it easy for a broker to go after new business.”

With Broker Briefcase in your back pocket, you offer expertise in dozens of industries and can support pressing needs that are top of mind to a business owner. And with ready-made presentations and marketing materials, plus emailing capabilities with automated campaigns to stay in front of prospects, prospecting has never been easier for a broker.

So what’s your story?

When your clients read that 90% of UK firms were hit by cyber attacks last year[1] and turn to you, are you going to offer them an insurance policy in case of a cyber attack – or a policy paired with a risk management solution to prevent it in the first place? If you’re ready to change your story and take client service to the next level, visit

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