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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
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I spend my days exploring with Zywave partners what works, what doesn’t and what could – then finding and delivering applications in our products. With a focus on mobile productivity and extending the value of content marketing to the road, I chatted with dozens of brokers who were already leveraging their smartphones and tablets to support prospecting and retention.

They’re not alone. In fact, a 2012 Sales Management Association study cites that 50% of tablets used for business are not provided by the company. Smart salespeople are personally investing in technology to accelerate their performance – at this point, if you’re not equipping your team, you’re holding them back.

Following are just a few reasons why – and good news for our Broker Briefcase partners who can now leverage Broker Briefcase mobile from tablets and phones:

  1. Dead time becomes productive. Moments you may have wasted at the airport, train station or coffee shop become opportunities to prepare a thoughtful presentation that resonates with a prospect and differentiates your brokerage.
  2. You don’t skip a beat. When a question comes up, a tablet-wielding salesperson can immediately deliver an answer without a cumbersome boot up. Proving value by delivering immediate results on the spot provides a great anecdote a client might use to refer you.
  3. You make an impression. Presenting on an iPad delivers a cutting-edge image. The act of handing a tablet to a client to page through a document draws them into the conversation in a tactile way – meaning engagement that runs much deeper than any binder or projected presentation.

Putting Broker Briefcase in your broker’s back pocket accelerates productivity when it is most critical. Let’s focus on three key moments for a broker: Preparation, Presentation and Delivery.

  • Prepare. On a tablet, a broker can browse scripts, detailed industry overviews, breaking legislative briefs, and thousands more resources specific to a prospect – then instantly add them to a presentation to make a story more compelling.
  • Present. Presentations will blow away the competition with an opening that draws in the audience and then engages them emotionally by speaking to specific pain points and providing concrete examples of strategic solutions with Broker Briefcase content.
  • Follow up. Now a broker can deliver these strategic solutions before a prospect returns to his desk – with a few taps, send documents from a presentation directly to the prospect’s inbox.

The average smartphone user has 32 apps on their phone. From Dropbox, to Evernote to Slideshark, brokers named many already proven to drive growth. Now take their productivity to the next level – arm them with mobile resources they need, like Broker Briefcase mobile.

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