Five-minute technique to boost sales and retention

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
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Whether to improve your closing ratio or build stronger client relationships, drip marketing is invaluable to your success as a broker – and takes as little as five minutes.

Re-energise your prospects

Scenario 1: You go after a prospect hard, but they aren’t ready to make a change. You move on, focusing on other leads and your current clients. Maybe you circle back and try again in a few months.

What’s missing? Many brokers are so busy pursuing new prospects and servicing their book of business that they fail to keep older prospects warm. This is a huge missed opportunity. Taking just a few minutes to send relevant, valuable content to these prospects on a regular basis could be the difference-maker when you call back in six months and ask for another meeting.

Cement client loyalty

Scenario 2: You work hard to win a new client and finally close the deal. Then you switch your focus to other prospecting efforts and revisit the client in a few months.

Closing the deal doesn’t mean the work is done. In order to build strong, lasting client relationships, you need to continue offering consistent value. Drip marketing allows you to provide regular, meaningful client touches with minimal time investment.

How to execute

You may intend to send clients and prospects regular communications, but busy schedules can get in the way of execution. Here are some tips to easily integrate this important practice into your routine:

  • Optimise efficiency by setting up distributions lists based on business type or industry, and then distribute content relevant to each group.
  • Choose content that speaks specifically to a group’s unique exposures, needs or pain points – regular communication is futile and a waste of time without meaning.
  • If you’re using Broker Briefcase, take advantage of pre-designed campaigns, groupings or create your own.
  • Set up automatic monthly communication campaigns for each distribution list, but also be proactive by sending additional materials that are seasonal, timely or requested.
  • Follow up – particularly with clients – to ensure the content you’re providing is of value to their business. Ask what more they would like to receive or other areas they are looking for guidance.


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