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Monday, February 3, 2014
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Not all brokers are perfect salespeople. Even experienced brokers – and sometimes, especially the experienced ones – can find themselves avoiding the cold calling and active prospecting that represent the difference between stagnant revenue and real organic growth. How can you lead by example, inspiring confidence to pick up the phone, secure high-quality meetings and close new business?

Tell a story

Call reluctance is a symptom of having nothing to say. “Great people and great service” are not enough to convince a prospect to close – position your brokerage as the industry expert. Before picking up the phone, research your prospect and the industry. Then create your elevator speech, minding your audience. Your speech will differ for a business owner, marketing manager, financial officer, etc. Match your brokerage’s services to the individual’s top concerns in your story.

  • Don’t simply launch into a speech – ask questions that will      help tailor the conversation to what is top of mind for your prospect.
  • Focus on uncovering needs and positioning your brokerage as the      solution to those needs.

Show value

Once you’ve positioned your brokerage as the solution to a business owner’s problems, thoroughly prepare yourself for the first meeting.

  • Identify stakeholders and key decision makers.
  • Become familiar with the current broker’s offerings.
  • Prepare marketing materials that directly address prospect’s      top problems.
  • Prepare materials that directly address prospect’s needs in      which your brokerage outperforms the incumbent broker.

Follow Up

Re-energise a prospect after the meeting with a thank you note highlighting meeting findings and next steps. Immediately deliver any information or content that you promised during the first meeting, and begin creating a presentation and agenda for the second meeting. Showing the prospect you can deliver – and effectively closing the loop from the story you told during your initial phone call – is a key way to build trust and turn that prospect into a loyal client.

Your trusted assistant

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