Zywave introduces automatic client engagement solution for UK commercial insurance brokers

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Client portal features automation to make a broker’s job easier while supporting client needs

Milwaukee, WI – 17 September, 2014

Clients today want more from their brokers, and many brokers aren’t delivering, a theme mentioned at this year’s BIBA insurance conference. And it’s no secret why – brokers simply don’t have the resources to provide the proactive service clients are demanding. The solution? MyWave Connect, the newest addition to the Zywave product suite for UK insurance brokers.

Zywave today announced the release of MyWave Connect, an automated client portal that is designed to address both challenges: deliver the support businesses are looking for, without adding to the broker’s workload. With MyWave Connect, a broker can effortlessly stay in front of clients and support important business needs to remain top of mind.

Giving employers what they need

Zywave developed MyWave Connect on the premise that the broker can be the ultimate resource for his or her clientele 24/7 – without the work.

The goal was to find what businesses were looking for in a resource, and optimise MyWave Connect to be that solution. For instance, one risk manager said, ‘I can’t spend too much time researching. If it takes me more than a few mouse clicks, I give up’. MyWave Connect speaks directly to this need for fast answers with an innovative search engine, which filters through thousands of documents to bring up the most relevant options, and groups search results by category for easy viewing.

‘We developed the product based on data and deep market research gathered from businesses’, says Krissy Fischer, product director at Zywave. ‘For example, in a survey we found that an area businesses needed the most external support with was compliance. So we really optimised the portal to emphasise that’.

Fitting a broker’s business

It was equally important to ensure the system was something that would work for brokers – something that would fit into their workflows without any additional work needed. ’I’ve heard from many brokers that they are concerned about the commitment needed to execute successfully with a system like this – and some even question if clients will value it’, said Fischer.

However, when executed correctly, we know the opposite to be true, so we took the work out of the broker’s hands and automated the engagement features of the portal.  Zywave CEO, Dave O’Brien says, ‘This innovative product supports broker needs by keeping things simple with automation. Connect is the solution for brokers who have limited time and are looking to meet constantly growing client needs’.


MyWave Connect offers features that clients want to see in a portal system, and simultaneously makes getting the most from those features as easy as possible on the broker. Some of the features include:

Automatic content postings. Users customise their preferences by industry and topic, and Zywave posts relevant, fresh content to the portal on a regular basis – on behalf of the broker. The broker does not have to do the work and users only see what they want to see.

Automated emails. Our research found that portal users who receive emails about relevant content are twice as likely to log in – and when they do log in, they visit over twice the number of pages within the portal. MyWave Connect sends out automated email campaigns to keep clients engaged with the portal.

Smart search.  MyWave Connect features a sophisticated search query system that brings results that clients are actually looking for; users no longer have to spend valuable time searching for a simple answer – the portal finds it for them.

Broker Briefcase content. MyWave Connect is backed by Zywave’s extensive resource engine, Broker Briefcase. Whether it be a health and safety document, employee communications or information on the latest legislative development, MyWave Connect has what businesses are looking for to support their day-to-day needs – plus brokers can leverage the Broker Briefcase distribution engine to post their own unique content to the portal.

Mobile capabilities. Whether clients are on the road or on the manufacturing floor, MyWave Connect mobile offers the resources they need wherever they are.

MyWave Connect does the work for brokers, driving clients to the value their brokerage offers and exposing them to relevant, in-depth content.

Early feedback on the new product has been extremely positive. One beta user called it ‘head and shoulders above anything else’, and another said, ‘This gives clients the most value as fast as possible’.

About Zywave

Zywave is the leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions for the insurance industry. The company’s products include Web-enabled marketing communications, business intelligence and analytics and brokerage automation tools. More than 2,700 brokerages worldwide use Zywave’s proven solutions to help them differentiate from the competition, enhance client services, improve efficiencies and achieve organic growth. To learn more, visit www.zywave.co.uk.



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